International Meeting for PhD students in Botany organized by the CER IEB and HES, Poroszló, Hungary, 22-25. September 2022.

International Meeting for PhD students in Botany organized by the CER IEB and HES


11th ISTIB 2021
11. International Symposium on Terrestrial Isopod Biology, online, 2021.07.12-14., Az eredetileg Olomouc-ba tervezett ászkarák szimpózium 2022-re halasztva, de helyette online formában megrendezésre kerül egy virtuális összejövetel.

While the world is locking down for about a year now, we don’t want to just sit back and wait for the next live opportunity to share our research with the world. This summer the first-ever online ISTIB will take place. Together we can make this the largest Isopod event in history. Don’t miss out!

Best of all: participation is free for everyone!

GLOBAL SYMPOSIUM ON SOIL BIODIVERSITY (GSOBI20) , Róma - online, 2021. 04. 19-22. 13-16h

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Global Symposium on Soil Biodiversity (GSOBI21), ‘Keep soil alive, protect soil biodiversity’ will be a science-policy meeting, fully virtual that will take place from 19-22 April 2021. Due to its new format and the time difference between the different regions of the world, adjustments have been made to the current agenda. 

12. Hungarian Ecological Congress, Vác, 24-26 August 2021


XIII. Hungarian Conference of Conservation Biology, 22-25 October 2020, POSTPONED TO JANUARY 2021
2. Conference of Urban Ecology, 15-16th October 2020, POSTPONED TO OCTOBER 2021
5th International Conference "Water resources and wetlands", Tulcea, Romania, 9-13 September, 2020, POSTPONED TO SEPTEMBER 2021
13th Clonal plant meeting, Camerino, Italy, August 26 to 29 2020, POSTPONED TO THE END OF SUMMER 2021
European Vegetation Survey Meeting 2020, Rome, Italy, 4-7 May 2020, POSTPONED TO MAY 2021
7. Quantitative Ecological Symposium, Vácrátót, 3rd April 2020, Postponed indefinitely


Sixth Croatian Botanical Symposium, Zagreb, 30-31 August 2019
18th International Congress of Myriapodology, Budapest, 25-31 August 2019
XII. Hungarian Conservation Biological workshop, Kecskemét, 4-5 April 2019
15th Carpathian Basin Conference for Environmental Sciences, Cluj-Napoca, 3-6 April 2019
7th Synzoological Symposium, Budapest, 29 March 2019


Urban-ecological Conference, Veszprém, 19-20 October 2018
11th Hungarian Ecological Congress, Nyíregyháza, 28-30 August 2018
31st European Congress of Arachnology, Vác, 8-13 July 2018


XI. Hungarian Conservation Biological Conference, Eger, 2-5 Nov ember 2017
6th Quantitative Ecological Symposium, HAS CER Danube Research Institute, 13 October 2017
10th International Symposium on the Biology of Terrestrial Isopods, Budapest, Hungary, August, 27 - 30, 2017
XIII. Carpathian Basin Confrerence for Environmental Sciences, Cluj-Napoca, 5-8 April 2017