Csatlakozás több ország ökológiai társaságának nyílt leveléhez


A Magyar Ökológusok Tudományos Egyesülete csatlakozott ahhoz a nyílt levélhez, amely felhívja az európai döntéshozók figyelmét az európai zöld politikai folyamatok kedvezőtlen irányaira. A levelet 16 európai ökológiai társaság írta alá, kezdeményezői a "The Society for Conservation Biology - Europe Section", a "The Society for Ecological Restoration Europe" és a "Scientists for Europe" szervezetek voltak.

A levél tartalma letölthető itt: https://zenodo.org/records/11373475

A levél összefoglalója angolul:

Scientists reprimand EU decision-makers for rollback on the Green Deal and call for responsible decision-making

In an open letter published on 29 May* we join science associations and networks across Europe, representing many thousands of scientists, in criticising European decision-makers for a series of decisions that undermine the EU’s environmental agenda and international obligations, resulting in an overall attack on the Green Deal, on nature, and the future of EU citizens.

While EU policymakers claim that the measures are taken in response to farmers’ protests, we highlight that the decisions are poorly justified, do not address the problems they are claiming to solve, but at the same time, they go against substantive scientific evidence against them. We highlight the severity of rejecting the Sustainable Use Regulation (SUR), weakening basic environmental standards in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), halting the final approval of the Nature Restoration Law (NRL), as well as the Commission’s proposal for exemptions in the Nitrate Directive, and the Commission’s decision to shelve the Framework for Sustainable Food Systems (FSFS).


The scientific community regards these decisions as poorly justified and jeopardising the future of EU citizens. We express grave concern that, being only selected examples out of a longer list, they represent an overall spirit of rollback of environmental standards and regulations, some of which being the outcomes of tens of years of efforts strongly supported by science and society. 


Our letter states that “in a period of multiple crises, mostly resulting from breaching planetary boundaries, it is unacceptable that European governors opt to worsen the conditions that drive these crises”. “As scientists, we strongly oppose policy choices that accelerate avoidable crises.“

We call for policymakers to set a clear and ambitious agenda for environmental protection and the Green Deal for the post-election era; consult with scientists to avoid acting on the basis of misinformation; take back changes within the CAP; urgently approve the NRL; and avoid further watering down of environmental regulations and policies.

We also call on citizens, civil-society organisations and political parties to support responsible policymaking that secures a safe(r) future.