On the Society

The association was founded in 1997. The purposes of the association according to the Statutes are as follows:

- co-ordination, promotion and organisation of the basic and applied scientific work of ecologists;

- to provide a forum for the Hungarian ecologists to state their scientific results and to promote effective exchange of information and experiences;

- to cultivate national and international relations;

- to safeguard the interests of its members and those of the science of ecology within the range of possibility of the association;

- to publish the knowledge and scientific results of the science of ecology.

Residence of the Society: 6726 Szeged, Közép fasor 52.

VAT-number: HU18461644

Bank account number: 11735005-20481003


One of the most important activities of the Association is the dissemination of knowledge and a wide range of Hungarian ecological researches. In this connection, we would like to honor the impact of the members of the Hungary ecologists . The terms of the prizes were based on several awards, the first one being a "For the Hungarian Ecology".

The plaque is awarded at the Hungarian Ecological Congress, and the awardees are plenary speakers of the congress.

Awarded so far:

2001    Gábor Fekete
2002   Tibor Jermy
2003    László Papp
2004    Endre Sárkány-Kiss
2005    László Gallé
2006    György Dévai
2009    Gábor Vida
2012    Zoltán Varga
2015    Gábor Lövei
2018    János Podani

Two new awards were founded in 2006 to reward the most prominent young ecologist, and individuals and organizations who work forpopularize and distribute ecology.

Winners of the Youth award:

2006      Ferenc Jordán
2009      Veronika Bókony
2012      Péter Török
2015      Orsolya Valkó
2018      Anikó Kovács-Hostyánszki

Winners of the Award for Promoting Ecology :

2006      Péter Újhelyi
2009      Bocs Alapítvány
2015      National Geographic Hungary