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The traditional event series of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Hungarian Science Feast, also offers interesting talks in the field of supra-individual biology. On November 6, there will be 18 lectures on "Botanical and zoological research in our built environment". A detailed program can be found here (in Hungarian)


The 11th Hungarian Ecological Congress, the three-yearly large event of the HES, was held in Nyíregyháza at 28-30 August. A detailed report about the congress can be found on the Ecologist blog.

Awards at the Congress :

Memorial Label for Hungarian Ecology: Prof. János Podani (Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

Youth Prize: Anikó Kovács-Hostyánszki (MTA Ecological Research Center)

Krisztina Sándor (University of Veszprém) awarded the prize for the best youth poster of the conference "The impact of the urban environment on the structure of the feather of the great tit (Parus major)".


The fortcoming scientific event is the Urbanization Ecological Conference in Veszprém, 19-20 October.